Author Topic: Feat on Fire Team Looking for (2) 30 something Runners 9:30 Pace  (Read 78 times)

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We are a CO-ED No pressure fun team in pursuit of our individual fitness goals. We are about supporting our Team mates, making the journey to the beach fun and celebrating our feats together as a Team.
We are looking for like minded... "committed" strong runners, good fits for our Team. If you can make the best of any situation and and most importantly.... have fun when exhausted, your perfect for our team.
Our kind of fun is having Alter Ego names like GForce Grant, Maniac Michael, Big Balls Bannister, ShellShock, Ashley the Avenger, Sassy Sam... lol... our version of Super hero's Lol!!!

As a Team, we rent a beach house for a Team sponsored dinner and bonfire celebration after crossing the finish line Saturday. We enjoy a Spaghetti feed and have Team's choice of adult beverages awaiting us.
Due to the fun extras we do as a Team  its $400 per runner which covers HTC registration fee of $132, van rentals, fuel, beach rental, team sponsored beach celebration, custom shirts and more.
Your fee of $400 would need to be paid upon joining... because we are gearing up to pay Team stuff.

As captain, I host pre-funk gatherings for getting acquainted and keeping our good Team Mojo. In fact, we are getting together as a Team Saturday, June 28th and August 16th, Saturday before Relay.
We're all about having healthy fun together! We encourage you to meet up with us at our Team Mojo BBQ this Saturday 530pm June 28th. We are located in Pdx. We'd love to meet you to see if we fit!
Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! As Captain I am here to help my team and possible team mates in any way that I can.

If you have "serious interest", please email me at or on the HTC Bulletin.
We just may have a Cape for you.......... yes, we really do have capes!! Wearing them is optional. LOL!
I am happy to shoot you a Team email with all our Team info.

Remember the miracle is not that we finish, but that we had the courage to Start. When you shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you'll land among the Stars.
Look forward to hearing from and meeting you! God bless!

Feat on Fire's Cappy
aka Misty Mayhem :)
HTC Team #235
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