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Teams Seeking Runners / Young team seeking 3 runners - fun group!!
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:28:56 pm »
Hi all! My name is brady, captain and a runner for our team! We are a pretty layed back group, ages 19-23, all from Vanc/Port area. We are here more for a fun and chill time than we are for competition, and we leave it to each person to push themselves as hard as they feel they need to. Experience levels vary (some people have never run previously, others ran in high school and/or college). Although everyone has ties to several others in the group, we do NOT all know eachother super well, so a new person could fit right in!

Currently have 9 runners (4M, 5F) and are looking for 2M and 1F to fill. Flexible with leg options, depending on your experience level, but expect to run all 3. Preferably looking for persons of similar age, but are open to consider the right person 18-29! Looking for people with a fun and chill attitude, who enjoys socializing and meeting new people! This could also be a chance for you to form new connections or make new friends :) Feel free to email, or text at 360-901-9144.

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