Author Topic: Cascade Lakes Relay - Runners needed  (Read 17 times)


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Cascade Lakes Relay - Runners needed
« on: July 09, 2018, 02:23:02 pm »
Hey all-

I know this is for Hood to Coast but I'm in need of some runners for Cascade Lakes Relay. The same type of set up as HTC with less traffic and prettier views! We're a team filled with men and women in their 30s, fun is our priority but some of us are competitive runners just with ourselves. One van is driving down Thursday and camping near Diamond Lake (the start). Van 2 will probably leave Friday morning since some of us can just take the one day off work. The team start is 8 AM so you could leave Portland at 7-8 and should make it to your van start on time. Cost is $171 for entry and then we'll evenly split cost of 2 rental vans and gas. Message me if interested and I can tell you the rest of the details via email.


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