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24 yr/males/9:15 mile pace
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:09:36 pm »

This feels eerily similar to feeling out an online dating profile....anyways! I am a lifetime runner in the Portland area who lives in Gresham and loves the coast. I've run all the major races in Portland-PDX Marathon, Rock n' Roll Half, Shamrock 15k, The Color Run-but am still looking to run the biggest one of them all-HTC! I run 5 days a week, hills and trail running, between 5-7 miles each time. I am a polite, social, and respectful person, and believe I would make a great addition to any team. More than willing to chip in 100 dollars to offset the cost of the registration fee.

Feel free to contact me at 541-653-0125, or

Thank you,
Levi Schoen

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